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AAT Service Observing Programme


Applications for AAT Service Time are now invited before
              Sunday, 1 June 2014, at 23:59
               (Australian Eastern Standard Time).
Applications are welcomed from all astronomers, worldwide.

The following instruments are available for service observations:
2dF+AAOmega, IRIS2, UCLES/UHRF, and KOALA+AAOmega.

The next AAOmega FLD file deadline is 15 July, 2014.

Service Programmes expire after 18 months. Current programmes that were submitted before 01 November 2012 will be purged from the queue.


All enquiries regarding the service program should be addressed to the service manager at service@aao.gov.au.

Key Links for Proposers (and AAO Observers)

Service Proposal Directory: Status of all current programmes in the queue for each instrument. (Individual proposal files are also available here for AAO internal access.)
Service Observing Report Form: AAO internal access only.
Observing Report Archive: AAO internal access only.

General Information

How to apply
Application forms
AAT service schedules
Service proposal status summaries
Service observing reports
AAOmega/KOALA Service Information


The Australian Astronomical Observatory operates a service observing programme at the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) for programmes that require up to six hours of observing time. Service time is normally allocated for programmes that require a small amount of data to complete a programme, to look at individual targets of interest, or to try out new observing techniques.

Service proposal deadlines are set three times each year: 1 February, 1 June and 1 October. The proposals are graded by a three member panel, a process which takes 3-4 weeks, before being accepted into the service programme.

In detail, the AAT service proposal system operates as follows:

How to apply for service time

Application forms

AAT service schedule

The schedule of upcoming service nights is given below. The full AAT schedule can be found on the AAT Schedule webpage. The number of service nights per semester is determined by the Australian Time Assignment Committee (ATAC).

AAT service proposal summaries

The following tables provide information on the status of service proposals accepted at the AAT. Please note that service proposals expire after a period of 18 months but may be re-submitted at any time.

Service observing reports

A nightly report is submitted by the AAO astronomer carrying out the service observing, which is normally forwarded to the PI of an observed programme.

Special AAOmega/KOALA Service Information

AAOmega is the most complex of all the instruments offered in Service Mode, and is used in two modes:

     (1) as a multi-object spectrograph, fed from prime focus, or
     (2) as spectrograph for the KOALA IFU, and fed from cassegrain focus.

Proposers using AAOmega in either mode should carefully note the following: