Unusual and extreme stars

Image of supernova 1987A
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Around the symbiotic
star, R Aquarii
AAO ref AAT 87

Toby Jug nebula,
IC 2220
AAO ref AAT 24

IC 2220, Toby jug
nebula, deep image
AAO ref AAT 88

The nebula around
the supergiant Antares
AAO ref UKS 30

A Wolf-Rayet star,
NGC 2359
AAO ref AAT 16

Around Eta Carinae
AAO ref AAT 32

NGC 6164-65
AAO ref AAT 21

NGC 6164-65 faint nebula
AAO ref AAT 27

The Homunculus nebula
around eta Carinae
AAO ref AAT 45

SN 1986g in NGC 5128
(Centaurus A)
AAO ref AAT 7

SN 1986g in NGC 5128
(Centaurus A)
AAO ref AAT 52

Wolf Rayet star in NGC7635
AAO ref INT 10

Tarantula nebula
before SN1987a
AAO ref AAT 48

Tarantula nebula
after SN1987a
AAO ref AAT 49

SN1987A, before and after
the explosion
AAO ref AAT 50

SN1987A, the star,
after 4 years
AAO ref AAT 67

SN1987A + precusor
AAO ref AAT 48a

The Red Rectangle
AAO ref AAT 94

NGC 2261 nebula
AAO ref AAT 96
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